Concrete Blocks

We manufacture a full range of quality concrete blocks from our production yard in Freshford. These blocks are produced to EN 771-3:2011 which ensures strength, consistency and reliability of each block.

They have fire resistant properties, high compressive strength, excellent sound insulation and a high thermal capacity.

Staff at our block production plant are highly experienced and are committed to producing high quality blocks at all times.

Types of Blocks

Standard Blocks
Special Blocks
Our standard blocks are suitable for all general building projects, from the small extension to the large industrial project. We manufacture both solid and hollow standard blocks.
  • 100mm Solids
  • 140mm Solids
  • 140mm Cavity
  • 215mm Single Hole Cavity
  • 215mm Double Hole Cavity
We also manufacture blocks of different shapes and sizes.
  • 100mm L Blocks
  • 300mm Cavity Closures
  • 100mm Soap Bars
  • 140mm Soap Bars
  • Stock Bricks
  • 75mm Solid Blocks